Innovation transforms ideas and technology into commercial value. This does not happen by chance, especially when venturing into non-traditional markets. There are many barriers and distractions along the way to slow or stop progress. Having a well-defined innovation process is essential for speed and success.


The BioApplied team have over 60 years combined practical experience. Driving new value to commercial markets is in our DNA. We contribute an exceptional network of expertise from academia, industry and government. BioApplied offers a range of services as part of the business development process. We are ‘hands-on’ to help clients deliver innovation.

Business Development & Customer Engagement

Innovation often means bringing new value to non-traditional markets. Engaging industrial partners from non-traditional markets in a purposeful and effective collaboration is key. Doing so requires finding the right portfolio of industrial partners and supply-chain participants, to co-develop new products and businesses. Dealing with different cultures, technologies, processes, practices, and range of motivations, introduces an array of new variables and complexity to a project. BioApplied brings structure and order to the business development and customer engagement process. We not only have processes, tools, and experience to do so, but the focus and energy necessary to keep it working together. BioApplied’s service reduces a client’s risk in the early stages of new ventures.


Market intelligence is the cornerstone of a new undertaking. It leads the overall process and provides an important foundation for what is to come. BioApplied has a range of resources and tools at our disposal. We make our secondary market research relevant by being targeted and specific. We talk to industry and customers to evaluate needs, identify the supply chain, test value propositions, and explore opportunities. Be it market size, growth, trends, major players and the competitive landscape, our depth of experience greatly increase the prospect for learning and success, and to underpin the remaining processes.

Productivity Enhancement

For renewable resource companies to thrive, efficiency is essential. This is especially true when providing alternatives to long established products or practices. BioApplied has become a go-to for clients to achieve this goal. State of the art education, training and technology implementation programs help usher new products, new ways of working, and new business practices. Our experience and track record in this area is notable, and we welcome an opportunity to showcase our results.

Project Management

BioApplied thrives in a concurrent project development environment. We apply a proven process, and state of the art tools for data collection, tracking, measurement, and communications. Of equal importance, we bring agility to pivot and establish new pathways where needed to get the job done.


Will customize our approach to be tailored to specific client needs. This may include, scouting, intellectual properties, agreements, talent acquisition and development, sales and marketing programs.

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Greg Maloney

Principal Partner

Greg’s 30 years of business experience cross several manufacturing industries and functional areas, including consumer durable goods, consumables, and industrial materials.

Rod Badcock

Principal Partner

Rod is passionate about renewable resources. He spent the beginning of his career in operational roles with Alberta Pacific Forest Industries and Bowater Mersey Paper Company

Ryan Duff

Ryan Duff

Senior Consultant

Ryan is constantly striving to combine business with environmental sustainability, and he does this by helping to bring products made from renewable resources to market.

Tristin Mabey - Communications & Administrative Associate

Tristin Mabey

Communications & Administrative Associate

Tristin is a true team player with a natural passion for storytelling, letting her charismatic personality flow to engage audiences.

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