Spotlight on the Bioeconomy

Enabling the Emergence of Canada’s Circular Economy

Featuring: Elizabeth May / Greg Maloney / Sandy Ferguson / John Bissell

Canada has one of the largest biomass resources in the world and pursuing the transition to a low-carbon economy. Many experts therefore state that Canada is perfectly positioned to lead in the development of the global bioeconomy – and to claim the multi-trillion dollar prize such a pole position represents. Viewing waste products as a ressource rather than a burden makes sense. But what is holding us back from closing this loop?

This Spotlight explores the opportunities and challenges Canada, our industries and companies face in making full use of the waste they generate – as well as those companies focused on using the waste generated by other industries as their own base feedstock. We explore the role of government in enabling and supporting the bioeconomy for growth in the longterm, as well as the strategies Canadian companies must put in place to be successful within it.

Excerpt from The Future